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  • The Haunt at BoneSaw Mill
    Oct 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 & Nov 1. 7pm to Midnight. Ages 13+
    The Haunt at Bone Saw Mill entails some of the most twisted and bloodcurdling visions of horror imaginable filled with spine-chilling denizens of the dark beyond.
  • 3 Haunts - Save on a Scary Bundle
    Locations in Champaign, Georgetown and Rantoul Illinois.
    Fill your October with the creepy thrills of not one, not two, but THREE haunted houses! Bundle The Haunt, The Haunted Hideaway, The Baldwin Asylum and save some money!
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How it Happened
The following excerpts and passages were found at the Boneyard Mill after ghost hunter, Galen Strode, went missing. He was never found. The material in these excerpts was part of a detailed and elaborate journal found inside the former mill. The journal has been called a hoax, a Halloween prank, guerilla journalism. Vaughn Dower was 33 years old the night he died. Ten years later on the anniversary of his death, Dower returned to life - his unlife as some say. Dower was killed on October 1, 1983 by three prominent members of Champaign’s Boneyard Mill, a thriving lumber yard and mill on the northeast side of town. Dower became a full-time employee of the mill when he was twenty three years old and quickly proved his diversity and skill. A self-starter, quick learner, and methodic worker with an integrity rarely seen in someone so young; he was considered part of the family. The mill’s owner, Bill West, his younger brother, Richard, and another employee, Mike Rizzo, conspired to kill Dower after discovering chilling information about his personal life. He was found to be a practitioner of black magic, if not something considerably older and darker. Bill wasn’t what he considered a religious person, but he did live with a sense of integrity instilled by his hard working father. That sense of right and wrong put Bill in a tight spot when he realized he’d have to murder one man to save hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people. Vaughn Dower might not be human, but Bill was resolute to find out. A series of strange events involving Dower happened over the following days, but one dark event stood above the others; it was this event that convinced Bill West the rumors were true. Dower’s neighbor, a sickly 5th grade boy, was selling candy bars for a fund raising project when he saw something he couldn’t un-see. After several raps at Dower’s front door, the child heard him working in the back yard. The curious child walked around the perfectly trimmed bushes lining the path between the privacy fence and the house and found the gate askew. Convinced he was hearing his neighbor, he peeked over the gate, and what he saw is still open to speculation. The pale child shakily traversed the path, wobbling to the street before he passed out. He never woke up and remains in a coma to this day. Several psychics and mediums were consulted to sit with the child; nearly everyone involved became disconnected from reality, some to the point of suicide. Some of the suicide notes are copied into these journals, I warn you though – tread lightly if sleep is something you regularly enjoy. Many of these alleged mediums and paranormal experts were forcibly checked into state run psychiatric wards and clinics as they lost the ability to cope with the crippling trauma. The following excerpt titled “He’s Watching” was written by former university professor, Rose Baizley, who also served as a highly-sensitive-medium and paranormal researcher for most of her adult life. “It’s worst at night; that’s when he comes to me, when his armies and principalities assemble and roam the earth in his name. He’s watching constantly, using my weakness against me, exploiting my pain and loss with zeal. There are nights I contemplated which is worse: the physical manifestations that tower above me, or is it the emotional war he wages in my heart and mind? Losing my son and husband was devastating for me. The Haunt guides my nightmares, whispers fault into my very bones as I restlessly sleep. Dower knows it hurts more than my slowly disintegrating sanity. I started to ponder suicide as a final way out, but convinced myself death wasn’t a permanent enough barrier to escape this ghoul, this devil, this Haunt in a blue collar worker’s disguise.” Bill approached Dower early in the morning on September 30th and asked for assistance with an upcoming project for the university, a frequent request as the university grew. The job would require a large amount of raw material and would inevitably run into some overtime on October 1. Vaughn agreed without hesitation and the deal was done. Bill, Richard, and Mike reluctantly, but faithfully planned and completed their grim task of murdering their decade-old friend. Please keep in mind that all four men involved perished and the details that remain are so-called rumors and nothing more. Family members “confirm” Bill confessed his deadly actions to his wife on the day he died. She reportedly told her sister about her husband’s crime and then dropped dead of a massive stroke that same day. Pearl West was relatively young and in good health. Her sister claimed she was “healthy as a horse” and the only illness she suffered was Chicken Pox at a young age. As I’ve compiled these notes and reports, the patterns emerge time and time again. I have intelligent, professional friends that refuse to believe any of this. It’s in his death, his unlife, that Vaughn perpetrated the greatest lie of all: convincing people he was nothing more than an earnest mill worker – a victim.
From Galen Strode
“Vaughn Dower was born evil. His Aunt Nora saw it the moment he took his first breath. The nurse at Carle Hospital said the frail, old woman said something along the lines of “Why have you allowed this perfect child to be born a son of The Great Deceiver?” He was born pale and sickly; anemic, almost killing his mother during his birth. Some would claim being born with such poor blood caused his eventual addiction to it. Others say he simply enjoyed it; a trait of being born of darkness, his father very black of night.” - Hand-written excerpt from celebrity and ghost hunter, Galen Strode.
From Vaughn Dower
“And you will call upon these forces with authority and might. When their requirements are met, these spirits are yours to command. Standing in a ring of salt for protection, or cleansing your home with sage afterwards is not only unrequired, it is a base insult to the very power you call upon as your brother and comrade. If you speak their names and live, I assure you, my friend, these ancient spirits have looked favorably upon you.” - Typed journal entry from Vaughn Dower’s ritual notes
From Dean Locke
“My name is Dean Locke and I used to be a paranormal researcher. My partner and I investigated old, abandoned country homes even as children. While some loved to relax around the pool, the summer sun charging their hearts; I preferred the darkness, the still of a moonless night. It was here I was at home. On Tuesday, October 1st, 1991, I willingly entered the property formerly known as The Boneyard Mill, or as it was more often called, The Bonesaw Mill. I was with my friend and equipment tech, Alex, when we snuck into the building through the back door. Alex was setting the camera and other pieces of equipment up when we heard it. A low, guttural laugh began to bellow from what felt like the building itself. The aging steel support columns and aluminum roof were vibrating with each snarled gasp. Alex was close to the back door and ran out, leaving me alone with nothing but a flashlight and this growing horror. The laughing grew to an intolerable crescendo and I collapsed. Mirrors and glass shattered, overhead skylights splintered and rained glass on me. Bleeding and nearly in shock, I struggled to my feet and ran towards the open back door. A mere ten feet away from the door, I was enveloped in a patch of freezing cold air. My very bones ached; this was an evasive chill, one that felt like liquid nitrogen seeping into my pores. Lost in the cold, I heard his voice. “My wait is nearly up!” - Dean Locke, an excerpt from Galen Strode’s novel, The Haunt at Bonesaw Mill
From Claire Ramsey
“My name is Claire Ramsey and these are my last words. I entered the property formerly known as The Boneyard Mill with hopes of finding answers. I didn’t find any answers, save one. I learned that the property is possessed, overtaken by the demonic presence known as The Haunt. Alone with nothing but my hand-fashioned Ouija board, I fell into a trance. I saw Dower, the blood still crusted to his thick, brown beard. He never spoke to me, he just laughed and laughed. I tried to break the trance, but remained cemented in place. I saw the future, a future where the building was overrun by the night, a place where all power was given to ghouls, demons, wraiths, shape-shifting creatures, vampires, and monsters that defy human description. Dower’s army pales when compared to the evil that rests inside his charcoal heart. He makes his appearance known in the mill, but only after his army terrorizes you to the core. When you can take no more, that’s when Dower finds his darkest pleasure. Sarah, I know you will carry on my search for the truth. Forgive me, dear Lord, forgive me for taking a cowards way out.” - Rumored suicide note of Claire Ramsey
From Mike Cleary
“I’ve seen the worst side of humanity of since becoming a police officer – then there’s The Bonesaw Mill. My former partner lost his mind inside that fucking graveyard and never got it back. We arrived after a report of flashing lights and noise at the old mill, and we both become instant believers. I’ve remained inside this mental institution for three years now. My failed suicide attempt and subsequent ‘confession’ regarding what Doakes and saw at the mill will haunt me until the day I die.” - Former Officer Mike Cleary on his time inside the mill
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No Scare Days

Are you afraid of dark? Come to one of our Bone Saw Mill "No Scare" youth days geared for ages 13 and under. No scare youth days will be held on Oct. 26th and Oct. 27th from Noon until 5:00PM. Tickets are $5.00 person or $15.00 per family of 4.

(Q) What is a "No Scare" youth day?

(A) No scare days are days when the Haunt will remain mostly actor free and all of the overhead lights will remain ON. There will be NO actors trying to scare our guests, but instead they will be handing out candy at every corner.

Please keep in mind there will still be some scary sounds and creepy scenes. PARENTS OR GUARDIANS MUST BE PRESENT!! Though the haunt will remain actor free we can't guarantee that certain scenes won't be too much for some.

*No Scare days do NOT include the Zombie Hunt. (Zombie Hunt will ONLY be held during regular after dark hours of operation)

For questions: please feel free to email Mike Galloway mike@fluidevents.org


Looking for a great fundraiser? Fluid Events and the Haunt at Bone Saw Mill have a couple great opportunities here at Bone Saw Mill.

1) If you have a group that would like to participate in helping us scare the pants off people, Bone Saw Mill will make a donation to your charity. Donation amounts will depend on the number of hours volunteered and the number of volunteers.

2) If your group would like to help us sell tickets to the Haunt, Bone Saw Mill will donate $5.00 from each ticket back to your group or charity.

For more information please contact Mike Galloway mike@fluidevents.org (217)359-6960


Here are just a few of the volunteer positions we have available for the Haunt at BoneSaw Mill. Grab some friends and join us for some good ole creepy fun!

Click Here to View Positions

Fright Night Out

Is your company, business or place of employment looking for a fun event to offer your staff? Enjoy a "Fright Night Out" with an evening of intrigue and mystery as you hunt down Zombies with Salfork Paintball and traverse your way thru (The Haunt at Bone Saw Mill.) Spend time with your colleagues, friends and families whilst you enjoy the areas largest and scariest Haunted House! Bone Saw Mill isoffering discounted rates and special group pricing to any business wishing to spend a "Fright Night Out" with friends and co-workers.

If your business is interested in creating a "Fright Night Out" please contact Mike Galloway: mike@fluidevents.org

*Some areas of the Haunt may not be suitable for young children, ages 13 and under will require parental supervision.

*For more information regarding age restrictions contact mike@fluidevents.org


For your own safety and the safety of our staff, there will be no cameras or recording devices of any kind allowed in the Saw Mill!

For your own safety and the safety of our staff, we ask that you keep your hands, arms, feet, head, and internal organs to yourself unless otherwise specified by our staff!

For your safety and the safety of our staff, we must ask that you remain calm at all times and do not run or push anyone at any time.

For your safety and the safety of our staff, we cannot allow the use of flashlights, cellphones, open flames, or any other additional light sources at any time during the tour!

If you have Heart Problems, Epilepsy, Breathing Problems, Back Problems, Anosmia, or if you suffer from Vertigo, Claustrophobia, Achluophobia, Aichmophobia, Paraskevidekatriaphobia, Haemophobia, or Xylophobia then we must recommend you reconsider the tour!

Please be advised: There are strobe and lighting effects, smoke effects, loud and sudden noises, and dark corridors in use within the Haunted House. Enter at your own risk!

Rules & Regulations

Due to the nature of a saw mill, there will be places within that contain the following potential hazards:

Flashing Lights, Loud Noises, Blasts of Air, Fog, Mist, Smoke, Tight Passages, and other potentially hazardous situations. Due to this, please take responsibility for your actions, and be careful. For various safety and legal reasons we must ask that you abide by the following rules:

No Cameras or Recording Devices of any kind.

No Food or Beverages allowed within the Saw Mill.

No Touching the Staff or the Equipment.

No Running or Pushing.

No Smoking.

No Flashlights, Cellphones, Open Flames, or any other additional light sources.

No Dogs, Cats, Rats, Bats, Parakeets, Snakes, Otters, Ferrets, Fish, Penguins, or any other animals allowed (unless, of course, they are a service animal).

No knives, guns, or other weapons of any kind.

In Addition... If you have Heart Problems, Epilepsy, Breathing Problems, Anosmia, or if you suffer from Vertigo, Claustrophobia, Achluophobia, Aichmophobia, Paraskevidekatriaphobia, Haemophobia, or Xylophobia then we must recommend you reconsider.

You are all entering at YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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